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Biomechanics of Bioprosthetic Heart Valves

The dynamic and complex loading environment inside the heart leads to a variety of failure modes for implanted bioprosthetic or tissue engineered heart valves. As a result, these valves suffer from their limited durability. In this project, we are using non-invasive real-time novel imaging techniques combined with specific in-house codes developed at KLAB to introduce new methods specific for development of more durable heart valves.

Spatial and temporal effects of dynamical loading are investigated on microstructure of heart valves by using the advanced microscopy techniques such as Second Harmonic Generation Microscopy. This will assist us in better understanding of the biomechanics of heart valves especially how the leaflets respond and adapt to their new loading configuration during opening and closure. The results of this project are of more importance particularly in helping the patients with the need of a heart valve replacement. More information is available in our recent publication.

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